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Dr. Pattinson provides care in the areas of infertility, reproductive technologies and recurrent miscarriage. 

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Patients must be residents of Ontario to be treated in this practice.  Most patient visits are insured by OHIP. 
Some advanced reproductive technologies are not covered by insurance.  Patients who require these treatments are advised of the costs in advance.
Please see the "Preparing for you visit" section prior to your first visit for additional information.

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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF has finally arrived in Windsor.  Following a lot of effort, Dr Victory obtained approval to perform all aspects of IVF at the Victory Reproductive Care (VRC) clinic in Windsor and the clinic has been doing very well for the past 3-4 years.  Dr Pattinson is able to perform IVF in this facility.  This has meant a huge change for patients in the Windsor-Essex area who have had to travel to Toronto, Burlington, London or another parts of the province to access this technology.  

Is there Government funding for IVF?

Yes and No.  Funding provided by the provincial government is not the same as OHIP.  It is a special program which provides funding to perform IVF and IUI, but that funding is on an allocation basis to the individual clinics.  The funding for IUI has been in place for Windsor since 2016, but only in mid 2022, after much hard work and lobbying by Dr Victory and many others were we able to get funding for IVF.

How does the funding work?

The clinic receives access to a certain amount of money from the provincial Fertility Program.  This funding covers almost all aspects of IVF treatment, including all the blood tests, ultrasounds, the procedures of egg retrieval and embryo transfer and all the work that has to happen in the lab for fertilization and embryo development.  It also covers the freezing and thawing of embryos.  However the cost of any medications required to stimulate the ovaries are not covered, though in some cases they may be covered by your drug insurance plan.  Also, the storage of the embryos is not covered by the funding plan.  This will usually be $500-1000 annually for ongoing storage.  

Can everyone get funded IVF?

There are some restrictions, but not many.  Because of the low chance of success, there is an age cut off - coverage is not available over age 43.  Also, this is a one time only deal!  Meaning - only one egg retrieval procedure, but the funding does include as many embryo transfers as you need from that one egg retrieval procedure.  There are a few other restrictions, and you may not be on wait lists for funded IVF at different clinics at the same time.  

Is there a wait list?

Yes - because the funding provided to the clinic is a fixed "pot" of money, when that is used up, we cannot offer more funded cycles until the next fiscal year (the year runs April 1st to March 31st).   We will usually have a fair idea of how many funded treatment cycles we will be able to offer and we can advise you as to when you are likely to be able to access a funded cycle.  

Can I pay to have my IVF done sooner?

Yes - I would not guarantee that your IVF would be immediate if you choose to pay as there are always additional steps to complete prior to treatment.  If you do not to wait for the next final year for your treatment, please let us know and we can provide you with a detailed cost breakdown.

What if I have already done IVF at ONE Fertility and have embryos stored there?

Do not worry - we will assist in whatever way we can - we expect to continue a relationship with ONE Fertility for some time to come.  If you have had a previous funded embryo transfer, you are entitled to funding for these transfers going forward.   There are a couple of options if you want to use those stored embryos.  You may of course have monitoring performed here in Windsor and travel to Burlington for embryo transfer as you may have done in the past.  The second option is to transfer the embryos to Windsor and have future transfers performed here.  This does involve some additional expense as there is a payment to ONE Fertility for preparing the embryos for transport, the cost of the shipping itself and the cost to VRC for storage here.  Details will be attached here but in the meantime please contact the clinic for additional information.


Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI)

This treatment is  funded through a special program of the Ministry of Health. This special funding covers all of the aspects of IUI treatment with the exception the sperm preparation procedure. The current cost for that is $350 payable in cash on the day of the IUI procedure.  The links below provides additional information about IUI, the consent form to access the Ministry funding, and instructions for the ovarian stimulation, either by oral medications (Letrozole) or injectable medications (FSH).

If FSH has been recommended, please see the video describing the details for FSH stimulation, linked on the Home Page.

Our Infertility Services

This brochure is provided by the  Ministry of Health and Long Term Care of the Province of Ontario.  It provides you with information about the Ontario Fertility Program which provides the funding for IVF and IUI.

Donor sperm insemination

We offer donor sperm insemination procedures for couples with male factor infertility and for women who do not have a male partner.  Brief investigations are performed to ensure no other fertility barriers exist.  A counselling session is required, completed by Mary Pattinson.  In addition to discussing psycho-social issues she will guide you through the "How to pick a donor" question.  These procedures are mostly covered through the Fertility Program funding for IUI, but this does not cover the cost of the sperm samples or the shipping of those samples to the clinic.  Links to the donor sperm banks are listed in the "Patient Information" section of this website.

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