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Preparing for your visit

General Clinic Policies:

All patients must be permanent residents of Ontario and have valid OHIP cards with current information and legal name.  Please ensure that you have renewed your card if you have received a notification to do so.
Dr Pattinson has a policy that no children over 3 months of age are allowed in the clinic as we cannot guarantee a child-safe environment for your child.  As well, some childhood diseases can create health risks in pregnancy.  Patients presenting with a young child will be asked to reschedule.
Please inform us at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend your appointment.  A fee of $75 is charged for missed appointments and must be paid before rescheduling.

Infertility Patients:  

Monday morning and afternoon for consults and reassessments.  Daily for cycle monitoring.
Couples must attend their first visit together.  Both must have valid and current OHIP cards.

We recommended that the female partner should have a blood test to check hormone levels on day 2 or 3 of her cycle and the male partner should have a semen analysis as well as some hormone testing.  These tests can be done at our clinic which gives us quicker access to results.  You may call to book an appointment to have this testing done prior to you first appointment.

We request that you both fill out medical questionnaires and bring them to your first appointment.  You can download the questionnaires by clicking on the links below or you may pick these up at the office or we can e-mail then to you.  Just bring them in to your first appointment.

Please bring records from previous infertility treatments to help us with your assessment.  

Please confirm your appointment with our staff at 519 974-9991 at least one week prior to your appointment.